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Rt. Rev S. B. J. Oshoffa
Prophet, Pastor & Founder
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Imeko City Cathedral


The Unification of Celestial Church of

Christ Is A Task That Must Be Done

- Evangelist (Prophet) OLU OSHODI




I salute esteemed Shepherds and Elders of our dear Celestial Church of Christ; Executives of the Parish Management Committee and Members of Ayilara Parish. I salute also, gentlemen of the press.

This is a critical period in the history of the Celestial Church of Christ and everyone who wants to be on the right side of history must join us in the Unification of our great church. We all need to make personal and collective sacrifice to achieve Unification.

To this end I, SAMUEL OLUMUYIWA OSHODI hereby renounce my titles of Reverend and Deputy Pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Henceforth, I revert to the 1985 title of Full Evangelist that the late Pastor/Founder, Reverend (Prophet) SBJ Oshoffa anointed me with. I will now be known and addressed as Evangelist (Prophet) Samuel Olumuyiwa Oshodi.

Today, I solemnly declare my 100 percent support for the Unification of the Celestial Church of Christ. There is a history behind this decision. Let me tell you some of it briefly...

After the demise of the Pastor/ Founder, Rev (Prophet) S.B.J Oshoffa of blessed memory, shepherds, trustees, and some high ranking honorary evangelists allowed the devil to set in through one Segun Amun who used diabolical items (cowries, half burnt candle and a small wooden cross) to proclaim Supreme Evangelist A.A Bada as Pastor.

But the constitution of the church clearly mentioned that the Holy Spirit will take charge of appointment of the Pastor. Without any delay the investiture programme came up in 1986 and thereafter a trustee of CCC, Evang. J.K. Owodunni sued Supreme Evang. Bada to court and eventually the Supreme Court of Justice in Abuja pronounced that Bada should not parade himself as the Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ again. That was in year 2000.

Pastors were appointed illegally after the demise of Pastor Bada which is against the instruction and pronouncement of Pastor/ Founder S.B.J Oshoffa through Ojo Adele in Ogun State.

All Celestians should now understand that we have no pastor and that all those who either appointed themselves or were appointed by their cronies are only regents whose time is transient, thereby making all anointments that we must have received null and void.

The Holy Spirit reminded me that I started the latest most global movement for the Unification of the Celestial when I was led to appoint women of substance and men of understanding to go and appeal to all the self-appointed pastoral divisions to allow unification. And these people did very well when they maintained status quo

To keep Celestial Church of Christ one is a task that must be done. We must allow the Holy Spirit to appoint the genuine Pastor for us according to the proclamation of our Pastor/Founder, Rev Prophet S.B.J Oshoffa of blessed memory.

Majority of us know how some high ranking elders manipulated the appointment of Supreme A.A Bada to the post of a Pastor through one Mr Segun Amun in 1986. We all witnessed what happened at the Supreme Court in year 2000 when the justice pronounced that he should not parade himself as the Pastor because it was unconstitutional and it was proved null and void.

This is the time for us all to humble ourselves as our Lord Jesus Christ and make a little sacrifice by going back to our original anointment and ranks in 1985. Life is a mission and not wealth, rank or position; not power but the ability to surrender ourselves in totality into the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The so called Pastors have tormented this great church personally and they have made it a family affair. The Celestial Church of Christ is greater than any individual. If there are any differences between Pa Owodunni and Pa Banjo – both of whom are the last two original trustees of the church appointed by Papa Oshoffa - they should please settle for God’s sake.

This the Bible clearly states in Hebrew 12:14 – “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord”:

Since 1985, 24 years after the demise of Papa Oshoffa, we have never gotten any major development as a church, no primary or secondary school, hospital, seminary, or university. All projects in the Celestial City, Imeko or along the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway have become major embarrassment to right thinking Celestians – just because we lack Godly leadership.

These are some of the steps I believe must be taken by the ‘Regents in Office’ and their supporters in order to hasten the Unification process.

Step One: They should hasten to renounce their titles as ‘pastors’ and go back to their 1985 ranks because I am sure we have records at the International Headquarters, Ketu with ‘Baba Yemisi’.

Step Two: They must take to prayer and fasting because they have tormented this great church and did not wait for the Lord to choose for us.

Step Three: Let them willingly join the CCC UNIFICATION WORLDWIDE immediately and let us all wait for further instructions from God.

We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God and Celestial Church of Christ – Romans 3:23. The bible states clearly that those who cover their sins shall not prosper but those who confess, repent and forsake their sins will surely receive the mercy of God – Proverbs 28:13.

All of us should take a drastic u-turn and go back to our Lord Jesus Christ who descended this church with his precious blood to cleanse the world.

I am not here to discredit or disorganize any regent or faction of the church. Rather, I am calling on everyone to join us in returning our church to the supreme authority of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

This is the Divine Order of the Holy Spirit; it is not by my might or power, but His grace. I know the truth and the truth has set me free. Let us all embrace the truth and be free. Set yourself free by seeking the Unification of the church this year 2009. Don’t exalt yourself. Let Jehovah God exalt you. We should all wait upon the Lord to choose His own pastor for us.

This year Ephphatha Crusade Worldwide, the miraculous and Spirit-filled international crusade, which the Lord gave me the injunction to host every year for His glorification starting in year 2000 is 10 years old this year. Halleluyah!

By God’s grace this year, we will be hosting Ephphatha Crusade in the United Kingdom, in the United States, in the Republic of Benin where our church was founded by Papa Oshoffa of blessed memory; and we will host it on Friday, July 31, 2009 here in Lagos, Nigeria where it all started.

Ephphatha stands for the Unification of our church. It stands for healing, victory, deliverance, prosperity and supernatural blessings of all Celestians worldwide. We are not for any faction. Ephphatha is God’s gift to Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

Long live Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and long live God’s obedient servants worldwide in Jesus name. Amen. Halleluyah! Halleluyah!! Halleluyah!!!

Signed and Dated on January 27, 2009


Evangelist (Prophet) Samuel Olumuyiwa Oshodi

Senior Shepherd, CCC Ayilara Parish

Visionary and President, Ephphatha Crusade Worldwide











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